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Federal Express And TNT Partner To Offer Superior Customer Service

In 2018, Federal Express and TNT made news by becoming partners in the business of delivering packages. It’s a smart industry partnership that’s already bringing benefits to their customers. FedEx Express has the largest air freight network and serves over 220 countries worldwide. Add that air power to TNT’s road network that extends into 45 different European countries, and you realize the combined freight carriers have achieved an unparalleled reach around the world.

There are several distinct advantages to the Federal Express TNT partnership. Rather than having to utilize separate couriers, it’s now possible for you as the customer to get your package from your shop to your customer using only one shipping company. FedEx provides air express service by working in 375 airports worldwide, and TNT makes over 55,000 road deliveries weekly. The partnership of the two companies is a logical integration that maximizes customer service while containing costs of delivery.

Both FedEx and TNT enjoy having reputations as customer service leaders in the freight shipping industry, so the level of customer care that we’ve come to expect will continue. To maximize convenience, FedEx and TNT began combining their store and drop-off locations in 2018, and the station integration will continue for some time to come.

Federal Express continues to be the air freight shipping industry leader and can provide all your shipping solutions. Whether you’re wanting to distribute packages domestically or internationally, Federal Express can accommodate your demands. FedEx is your answer for small business and individuals.

Federal Express can ship heavyweight and lightweight packages, offering both a time-sensitive delivery option as well as a value delivery choice for packages that are less urgent. Because FedEx is the largest cargo airline in the world, they continue to be able to offer import-export and small business solutions more efficiently and reliably than their competitors. FedEx can provide you with customised small-business shipping solutions, and they are available by phone or by chat on their website.

By expanding their global distribution network, FedEx continues to dominate the parcel and freight shipping industry, offering both weekend and holiday deliveries. In fact, many packages in the United States can be delivered by 10:30 a.m. next day. In 2018, Fortune named FedEx to their list of Top 20 Best Companies for the 18th year in a row. Federal Express, as a $30 billion corporation across all their operating businesses, offers freight transportation for e-commerce and supply chains around the world.

Bringing the world together is the mission of Federal Express, and one of the ways they help do that is through sports. FedEx is a proud sponsor of UEFA Europa League, PGA Golf Tour, ATP Tennis and NASCAR sports racing. Federal Express, in partnership with UEFA’s Foundation for Children and the non-profit streetfootballworld, has donated soccer fields to challenged youth in South Africa, Spain, Brazil and Poland, and they’ve pledged to donate another $200 million USD to underprivileged children in 200 different communities around the world by the year 2020. Reach out today to Federal Express by phone or chat to explore all the freight and parcel shipping solutions they offer.